Nicholas B. Gianforti (SAG-AFTRA)

Nicholas was born in Rochester, New York to a gregarious Italian-American home. Humor was king in the household, so entertaining is something that's always been a part of Nicholas' life. But growing up Nicholas never took up acting but spent most of his time nose-deep in comic books and movies. NERD! All of this, however, would lay the foundation for his entrance into acting (...and directing, writing...producing...). But before any of this he would go on to serve in the United States Army as an Infantry Officer and then as a Military Intelligence Officer for a total of nine years. Nick has been fortunate to travel all over the world that ran the gamut from Thailand to Bosnia to Iraq. After getting out of the Army he continued to serve his country by working for the Department of Defense in Hawaii, his now adopted home.


It's in Hawaii that Nicholas took up acting and soon began booking work on commercials, short films, micro-budget features, and ultimately leading to his role in Hawaii 5-0.


So in late-2013, Nicholas quit his career and made the leap to Los Angeles to pursue his passion.

Since arriving in LA Nick has worked on numerous shorts and webseries where he's met some amazingly talented friends and film-making colleagues. Having an insatiable appetite for knowledge and utilizing his GI Bill, Nick began a journey into directing and producing by attending UCLA Extension's Directing Certificate program. He continues his education at Extension in the Cinematography Certificate program. And is the post-production phase of two of his own short films that he's written and he also stars in.